Memorial Day Run & March first started in 2015, and turned out to be a huge success. Hundreds of participants and attendees showed up on a beautiful spring day to pay tribute to our fallen heroes, donated food to help feed local Veterans, and pushed themselves to complete the 5K, 10K, or challenging 30K Ruck March. The event has grown exponentially since then, donating over 205,000 pounds of food since 2015, and over $320,000 to deserving Veteran non-profits. We hold this event for our participants and community, but also for our Veterans—especially our fallen brothers and sisters—to remember their service and ultimate sacrifice.


Since our first event in 2015, our participants & supporters have donated over 205,000 pounds of food donations! Over the years, we’ve donated to Care & Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado, Food Bank of the Rockies, Warrior Warehouse & Redistribution Center, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, and Douglas Elbert Task Force, to help feed local homeless Veterans and Veterans in need.


For many Americans, if you ask them about the true meaning of Memorial Day, they’ll say it’s the official start of summer, when all the pools open, or when you can get furniture and appliances on sale. We want to honor Memorial Day the proper way: remembering the people who died while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Even though our event takes on the Saturday before Memorial Day, we think it’s the right way to start a respectful Memorial Day weekend. The 30K Ruck march course is not one that’s meant to be “fun”—it’s meant for participants to push themselves and give their all, just like our fallen heroes, past and present, have given their all for our country.


We believe that our Veterans deserve the utmost respect and should be recognized for their service and sacrifice. Memorial Day Run & March is hosted by Colorado Veterans Project. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for local Veterans and Veterans organizations. Our Mission is to empower and support Veterans and transitioning service members in pursuit of vibrant careers, meaningful employment, and successful entrepreneurship to continue a meaningful life full of purpose and fulfillment.